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Designed from the ground Economic online game with a sound economy, high levels of security, GUARANTEE OF SOLVENCY AND MASS OF OTHER BENEFITS

About our game

Final-Heroes This is a modern economic strategy, which allows not only interesting to spend time, but also to earn real money. Becoming a user of our project, you can run your own business - to acquire characters that make a profit. In our system, everything functions in automatic mode, both the balance replenishment and the withdrawal of earned funds. The project was developed by a team of professionals, which means that our project is running smoothly and is always available! Also, users can be confident in the safety of their investments - a high level of security allows us to guarantee this.

How to play? After registration, you can buy characters that make a profit, which automatically accumulates on your balance sheet.

Everyone can order a payment and receive automatically within a few seconds to their real wallet Payeer, Qiwi, Yandex.Money, etc.

All money earned can be withdrawn at any time or you can purchase more characters, earning even more profit!

Project works: 18 days
Total accepted funds: 14828.74 rub
Total withdrawals: 6604.84 rub
Total users: 248

  • from 10 rub to 100000 rub
    6% daily for 28 days
    Your profit: 168%
  • from 10 rub to 100000 rub
    7% daily for 21 days
    Your profit: 147%
  • from 10 rub to 100000 rub
    8% daily for 17 days
    Your profit: 136%
  • from 10 rub to 100000 rub
    9% daily for 14 days
    Your profit: 126%
  • from 10 rub to 100000 rub
    10% daily for 11 days
    Your profit: 110%
  • from 10 rub to 100000 rub
    120% after 7 days
    Your profit: 120%
Referral system FOR PARTNERS
6% 1st level
3% 2nd level
1% 3rd level
working with payment systems
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Feedback from our customers
olegaJul 13, 2019 15:33
Спасибо что быстро выплатили все 30 рублей
dimonJul 4, 2019 05:53
+ 9.50 RUB
Date: 04.07.2019 08:48:10
ID: 820977521
Details: P1014353230 → P6503752
Amount: 9.50 RUB
olegaJul 8, 2019 14:25
наконец то дождался выплаты здесь!!!

faq questions and answers
Do you have an affiliate program

Of course. Affiliate program in the Final-Heroes has 3 levels6%/3%/1%, earnings from the affiliate program is transferred to the account for withdrawal.

Which payment systems are used for depositing and withdrawing funds?

We work with payment systems PerfectMoney Payeer Yandex Money Qiwi BitCoin Ethereum Litecoin Visa/MasterCard

How can I make money in the project Final-Heroes?

It\\\'s simple. In our project there are several ways of earning, it is: earnings on the characters, and referral program

I have not found the answer to my question

You can write to the customer support service, to do this, go to the Contacts section and choose any convenient way for you to communicate with the administration. Or create a ticket in your account.

How much can you invest in one character? Is there a limit on their number?

In one character, you can invest from 10 to 100,000 rubles, the number of characters you buy is unlimited.

Do you have any restrictions on earnings?

No, we do not have points, you can display exactly as much as you earned on our project, without any restrictions.

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